Spandex link is your guide to the most amazing spandex creations for men.

Femme for men

Minimal bikini swimsuit

Male to female transformation swimwear are some of the hottest styles on the planet. Your cock will want to get hard but the way these designs repackage the penis and reshape them into a lovely vagina, some even have beautiful lips. The Spandex Link will help you find the right one to get in touch with your feminine side.

Life in the Spandex lane.

The Spandex Link is your lifeline to everything spandex for men.

Are you living the spandex lifestyle? If not do you wish you were? The spandex link is your chance to live the dream, to wear the hot spandex designs, to find the spandex men groups, to learn about the hot spandex sex wear and cock stretchers, find the best beaches to wear micro swimsuits and more. Our path is to show you the way, they way to sexy spandex. Spandex by nature is a sexy fabric, it feels amazing against your skin and for men it is even intense. There are few things that feel better a cock covered in spandex, many men get hard at the though and almost all men get erect by the feel. Have you ever used a Speedo. Speedo swimsuits are hardly sexy but are fantastic for racing. How often do you see men wearing Speedos with a visible penis bulge? the answer is all the time because men can help it. Put a little pressure on that cock a puff it is going to plump up.