I enjoy wearing the smallest bikinis, thongs and G-strings as underwear and as my swimwear. There is nothing as hot as wearing a tiny thong at a busy beach and it being smaller than any of the suits the girls around me are wearing. These hot swimsuits attract men and women. I find that when I am out getting a tan on the beach wearing almost nothing girls tend to set up all around me. My guess is they assume I am gay and feel more at ease with someone that really does lot very feminine wearing such a small swimsuit. On the other side is that wearing hot swimwear attracts men. I have been hit on by straight guys, gay men and men who tell me they are bi. I love the attention that wearing hot spandex swimwear gets me. It is interesting that you are seeing more men than ever wearing sexy swimwear including the hot new micro shorts, seems like everyone wants to show more skin. At the Spandex Link I will show you the highest quality made in the USA spandex swimwear, underwear, fetish wear, tights, leggings, shorts and more.

Spandex link is your guide to the most amazing spandex creations for men.

Spandex Link

Finding the hottest spandex designs for the male body.

I love wearing spandex tights, leggings, bikinis, thongs, G-strings in fact I like wearing almost anything spandex. I have created spandex link for men like myself to share the hottest new styles, best beaches and pool parties to wear your sexy spandex swimwear, information about groups and interesting stories about the spandex lifestyle. You might just be a hardcore spandex fan like I am or you might be new to the world of spandex. Either way I have a lot to share with my spandex brothers and the spandex link site will be where I post as much interesting spandex stuff, photos included as I can find.